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The Faithful Man, Part 5

The Faithful Man, Part 5

Text: Proverbs 20:6-7; 1 Corinthians 4:2
Key Verse: Jeremiah 5:1 “Roam through the streets of Jerusalem. Investigate; search in her squares. If you find one person, any who acts justly, who pursues faithfulness, then I will forgive her.” (CSB)

Prophet Jeremiah was speaking to the people of Jerusalem in Jeremiah Chapter 5 about two and a half millennia ago, yet his words fit in contemporary times. God told Jeremiah to go and search through the streets of Jerusalem to see if he can find just one person who is faithful to Him and He will forgive Jerusalem of her sins. The situation in Jerusalem at that time became as bad as Sodom and Gomorrah, just as it is in our nation today. Where are the faithful people in our society today?

Instead of justice and truth, people are concerned with personal advantage. God is looking for men and women who are honest and speak the truth; who do justice and execute righteous judgment; who do not cut corners and inflate figures; who have integrity and are faithful in all things and who are faithful to God both in the open and in the secret.

Faithfulness demands that those of us who have heard and received the gospel of Jesus Christ should also faithfully pass it on to others. You are saved to save others. Apostle Paul said to his son, Timothy, to entrust to faithful men the things he heard him teach (2 Timothy 2:2). If we are to preach the gospel faithfully, we must preach Jesus as the only Saviour.

The Bible tells us there is no other name by which men can be saved except the name of Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12). It is very painful that some of the preachers of today have presented to the people other things as means of salvation. Faithfulness demands that we present Jesus as the only one who can save a sinner; cleanse him from his sins and not adding some of these things that we see today. It is a mark of unfaithfulness that we present other things as means of salvation and that is why we are not seeing enough of new converts turn to the Lord in genuineness and repentance. Faithfulness in preaching the gospel demands that we preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and not ourselves. You should not take the place of God while counseling and ministering to people. The Bible says that He sent forth His word and His word healed them (Psalm 107:20).

It is the word of God that heals and not the preacher. Your sermon as a pastor must direct people to Jesus Christ and nobody else. In some places today, diluted and adulterated sermons have taken over the pulpits and people are dying and going to Hell instead of being converted.
Somebody said and I quote: “Laptop-carrying native doctors in designer’s wears are fast overtaking the pulpits. Ex-robbers have exchanged guns for the Bibles, they raise huge money with lying tongues and divide their loots without a modicum of remorse.”

Faithfulness demands that we preach the whole counsel of God. God is in search of preachers who will preach the whole counsel of God without subtracting and adding anything. There are some preachers who no longer preach all the counsel of God. Some pastors cannot preach on certain topics in the Bible today because of fear of losing members and followers. Some now preach sermons that will make people feel good. A preacher should preach the whole counsel of God that Jesus saves, redeems, blesses, and that there is Hell Fire waiting for a sinner who will not repent.

• Today’s nugget: Preach the whole counsel of God. Prayer: Lord helps me to be faithful unto You.

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