October 2019 prophetic declaration by rev. Dr. Chidi okoroafor gen. Supt. Agn

Finally, Mercy, Grace and the Favour of God has led you to October 2019.
Welcome, Welcome to October 2019, a month of multiplication of souls, several souls shall be added to the Kingdom of God through your daily bread effort, God shall remember your faithfulness and give you a divine visitation. He will shield you under the canopy of His care and love.
This shall be a personal revival unto you, the Lord shall restore your failed health this particular month. We’ve been having battles, battling with your health, I speak to you by the authority of the word of God and anointing of God’s spirit, by His stripes we are healed. Every sickness on your body is an illegal occupant and every illegal occupant must be given quit notice.
October 2019, is that month that the Lord has made, He will restore your failed health beyond medical expectations, beyond the diagnosis of the doctor.
In this month of October, you shall have a sense of direction at your difficult situation.
Moreso, the Lord Jesus Himself shall visit your life this month and He will also visit both your life and your home this month of October 2019.
And I want to assure you, that risk you decided to take in the name of the Lord shall not consume you. You shall be a plus in your country of nationality and not a minus. Whatever country you belong, God shall make you a plus to that country and not a minus.
You shall be a salt to any environment you find yourself in.
Welcome, the glory of the Lord is upon your life. He will do new things, positive new things in your life.
Hear me, I speak to you wherever you are, you shall not be swallowed up in that gutter. The hand of God will mysteriously lift you out of that trap that the enemy has set.
Congratulations!!! Congratulations for your deliverance, Congratulations for your freedom. Yes, you shall not die prematurely, you shall live to declare the Glory of the Lord. I pray for you that throughout this month, you shall be rapture conscious and take away anything that will be an obstacle between you and He that is older than age.
I love you, I’m praying for you, welcome to October 2019.
I am your brother Chidi Okoroafor
General Superintendent
Assemblies of God Nigeria.
God bless you.

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