August 2019 Declaration by Rev.Chidi Okoroafor PhD

I welcome you to August 2019. Blessed be the name of the Lord for the great thing He has done in the past months, I praise Him for testimonies that have been given by people as a result of what the Lord did as they keyed into this monthly messages. 
Welcome to August 2019. Some giant leaders are in kind of integrity mess but the Lord wants you to come nearer to Him. Go to the mountain, “I hear Him say come and talk it with me”. The Lord wants to restore you and take you back to where you met Him and increase your oil.
This particular month, God has answered your groaning. Are you in persistent pain or ailment, God says He shall restore your health this particular month. Receive the fulfilment of this message. No matter how terrible the ailment has been, I speak to you by the authority of the word of God. He has the duplicate to every parts of your body, He has never seen a sickness He cannot heal. God the uncreated creator has the duplicate to every parts of your body, receive your healing. August will bless you, August shall bring personal revival into your life and the Lord shall melt the heart of a hardened fellow this particular month for your sake.
I remembered what the bible says in Ezekiel 37:4-6; it said Then He said to me prophesy to these bones, say to them dry bone hear the word of the Lord, this is what the sovereign Lord says to this bones, I will make breathe enter you and you will come to life; I will attached tendons to you and make flesh come upon you and cover you with skin; I will put breathe in you and you will come to life then you will know that I am the Lord. It does not matter, are you dried spiritually, physically, no matter the level of your dryness, the Lord says that He will cause breathe to enter into you. It does not matter the situation of the church, individual, what you see that makes you fear, the owner, the created creator say I will cause breathe to enter you and you will come to life. I am believing that life will come out this August, I am believing that He will command breathe, you will come alive, your spiritual life will come alive, your material life will come alive, your health will come alive to the Glory of the Lord, receive it for this month. You have not reach a junction of wretchedness and hopelessness because of the word of Lord, there is hope, there is a future, there is a glory, receive it and this month will be the beginning of your coming to life. 
I love you and praying for you.
I am Chidi Okoroafor
General Superintendent
Assemblies of God Nigeria
God bless you

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